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THE POLITICAL SCAN – MP Claire O'Petit felt that her group president had not been "up to par" and that he was responsible for the first crisis to arise in the Assembly.

That a leader is criticized by the opposition, fine. That a leader suffers the wrath of his own battalions, that is more thorny. On Tuesday, LREM deputy Claire O'petit – now famous for its unfiltered expression – returned to the heckling that surrounded the election of Thierry Solère as Quaestor of the Assembly. On this occasion, the LREM deputies were accused of sitting on democracy by electing to this strategic function a close friend of the Prime Minister, decided to vote for confidence in the government. The opposition, furious at being robbed of all important posts, had denounced an "institutional hold-up" and a "democratic scandal". This Tuesday, Claire O'Petit named a culprit for this shambles: Richard Ferrand. “He was extremely failing,” lamented the MP on the RMC Grandes Gueules plateau.

“We had the choice between Éric Ciotti and Thierry Solère. And there, we did not take the time to talk politically about what was going to happen if we did not vote for a Republican", explained Claire O'Petit who, like her colleagues LREM felt politically closer to the constructive Thierry Solere than LR strong right tendency, Éric Ciotti. But here we are, there are times when personal sympathies must give way to political strategy and the challenge of this election, for LREM, was to appear as a majority respectful of the opposition and therefore, to vote for Éric Ciotti. And that, Claire O'Petit would have liked the group president to explain to the novices of En Marche, including her. “Richard Ferrand did not bring us together. There was no preparation beforehand. He was absolutely not up to it, I'm sorry to say but it was a disaster.

The freshness of the new deputies quickly turned to amateurism

Train newcomers, contain the rumble without giving the impression of muzzling the deputies, none of these missions inherent to the group leader seems to have been successfully accomplished by Richard Ferrand. Weakened by his express round trip to the government, the former socialist showed unfailing discretion in the Assembly all the time of the debates on the law of moralization of public life. Embarrassed by his own involvement in the business of mutuals in Brittany, Richard Ferrand did not have the legitimacy to demand the dusting of political life. In the absence of a leader to supervise them, the freshness of the new deputies quickly turned to amateurism. LREM elected officials have in turn been accused of being mute, incompetent, poorly trained and unable to think for themselves. When cropping them, Richard Ferrand saw himself eclipsed by Emmanuel Macron who decided to tighten the screw in his place.

Another criticism from the ranks of En Marche on the first steps of the legislature, that of Jean-Jacques Bridey, the elected LREM of Val-de-Marne, delivered Tuesday on RMC. “Excuse me for the term, but the APL is bullshit. (…) We must not announce that. We are here to reform. So let's announce a reform of the APL, but let's not announce systems like that which annoy our fellow citizens, "he lamented. "Bullshit" is also the term that Emmanuel Macron would have used about this drop in APL.

When he was elected head of the LREM group on June 24, Richard Ferrand immediately assured that he would respect the principle of rotating presidency promised by the Republic in motion. His position, he swore, would be called into play at mid-term, that is to say December 2019. That this deadline must seem distant to him now.


Source: ©  Le Figaro Premium – Richard Ferrand, blamed within his own majority

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