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Richard Abitbol, ​​Meyer Habib, André Added, Gilles-William Goldnadel and Sammy Ghozlan

The media coverage of his assassination comes up against several taboos, starting with that of Muslim anti-Semitism

[perfectpullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]The Sarah Halimi affair – “affair”, a simplistic word to evoke the tortures inflicted on this beaten Jewish Frenchwoman and killed because she was Jewish 3 months ago - is revealing or rather demonstrative of the taboos of our society, which the SELAM and Ilan HALIMI cases, among others, should have lifted. The first of them: Muslim anti-Semitism.[/perfectpullquote]

This Tuesday, July 4, a press conference was held on this affair – organized by the Support Committee “ Truth and Justice for Sarah Halimi* -, around Master Gilles-William GOLDNADEL, one of the lawyers of the family of Sarah HALIMI, Sammy GHOZLAN, President of the National Bureau of Vigilance Against Antisemitism (BNVCA) and deputy Meyer HABIB.

The conference, moderated by Richard ABITBOL and André ADDED, respectively President and Regional President of the Confederation of Jews in France and Friends of Israel (CJFAI), aimed to make a new point on the procedure, after the press point organized on May 22, 2017 by lawyers Jean Alexandre BUCHINGER and David-Olivier KAMINSKI (read our article: Anti-Semitic assassination of Sarah Halimi: we still pay Copernic ©).

As a reminder, Sarah ATTAL HALIMI was tortured, then defenestrated, on the night of April 3 to 4, 2017, by her Islamist neighbor Kobili TRAORE because she was Jewish.

Although some national newspapers have finally taken an interest in this assassination, and in particular despite a forum of intellectuals a few weeks ago, this anti-Semitic crime continues to weigh heavily on this anti-Semitic crime.

A new light was needed, 3 months after this assassination and the divergence of approach of the lawyers on one of the aspects of the file: the responsibility of the police (read: S.Halimi: why I did not want to prosecute the police)

After Richard ABITBOL recalled that the assassination of Sarah HALIMI was in no way a community crime but constituted a problem of French democracy, he specified that the Support Committee - which brings together around 7000 people -, wanted that is a fact a point on the 2 main problems raised in this case:

  • why the aggravating circumstance of anti-Semitism was not retained,
  • and that of the non-intervention of the police.

The assassination of Sarah HALIMI is symptomatic of a French evil – even if the Jews are the main victims, they are not the only ones – which is the apathy inherent in the embarrassment that seizes intellectual and media society. , French policy as soon as the assassin is an Islamist.

For Master Gilles-William GOLDNADEL, this assassination, in fact, has nothing to do with a community crime, but is a French crime. (see video below)

"It is even symptomatic of a French evil - even if the Jews are the main victims, they are not the only ones - what is the media apathy inherent in the embarrassment that seizes intellectual, media, political society French as soon as the assassin is an Islamist.

Had the latter been blond and had blue eyes, all of France would have taken to the streets.

The tragedy of this case is based on 3 aspects:

  • that of the abusive and instantaneous psychiatrization of the assassin
  • accustomed to denying anti-Semitism, even if, at this stage of the legal proceedings, it is too early for him to make this complaint to French justice for not having already retained the aggravating circumstance of anti-Semitism , justice has not said its last word
  • and finally the inaction of the police

In this prejudice of psychiatrization, there is, at least unconsciously, the desire to avoid penal discussion.


Immediately, the police, followed by justice, decided to intern the murderer of Sarah HALIMI, rather than having him go through the prison box (he is still in a closed psychiatric center to this day).

However, this defendant, although with a heavy judicial past, had no psychiatric history.

Certainly, he is obviously exalted, but hardly crazier than the one who girds himself with an explosive belt.

But in this prejudice of psychiatrization, there is, at least unconsciously, the desire to avoid penal discussion.

In any event, an expert has been appointed, Dr Daniel ZAGURY, and we do not wish to prejudge his decision**, which we may contest, if necessary.

The aggravating circumstance of anti-Semitism:

I made a request for an act to the examining magistrate on this point.

Because it seems to me that the Islamist who massacres with the cries of Allah Akbar a person identifiable as a Jewish nun falls under the "kit" of the Islamist, and that this represents an almost irrefutable indication that his act is anti-Semitic.

It seems to me that the Islamist who massacres with the cries of Allah Akbar a person identifiable as a Jewish nun is part of the "kit" of the Islamist, and that this represents an almost irrefutable indication that his act is anti-Semitic.

I don't want to prejudge the judge's decision, and don't want to impugn his intentions: The family's testimonies on the anti-Semitic insults uttered by Kobili TRAORE and his sister against Sarah HALIMI were not present in the file at the start of the procedure.

But being so now, I would not understand that on their basis the aggravating circumstance of anti-Semitism is not retained.

In addition, there is now in the file both the testimony of Sarah HALIMI's daughter indicating that she had complained that Kobili TRAORE's sister had insulted her with anti-Semitic terms, and that of Sarah's brother that Kobili TRAORE himself called her a “dirty Jew”.

Again, I don't want to prejudge the judge's decision, and don't want to impeach him: these testimonies were not present in the file at the beginning of the procedure.

But being so now, I would not understand that on their basis the aggravating circumstance of anti-Semitism is not retained.


Video by Franny Fisher

Police inaction:

On this subject, I do not necessarily have a sharp mind, aware of the difficulties of the police forces. I am all the less inclined to seek their responsibility as I sometimes have to represent police officers or police unions.

A fortiori in our dreadful period when the police are paying a heavy price to Islamic terrorism. Because if the Jews are as such well placed in this list, the police officers are also, because referred to as police officers.

But I am in such a state of incomprehension of what or rather did not happen, that I could not do otherwise than to file a complaint for non-assistance to person in danger, targeting all the forces police and assistance intervened that evening – it is up to the judge to determine precisely who is responsible and the degree of responsibility.

There is nothing that can explain, on file or off the file, why the police were so quick to move - because there was such a furor in this building - why it took them an hour to finally pick up the body. of the unhappy.

It was a flagrant crime, the unfortunate woman cried and moaned for at least more than half an hour – a witness from a balcony opposite filmed the scene -.

Wherever I turn my eyes, I don't understand the lack of assistance from the police.

So I can only officially pose the question of responsibility. I want to be explained to me.

Me GOLDNADEL was then questioned about the different approach of his colleagues, My BUCHINGER and KAMINSKI, on the way to seek the responsibility of the police officers.

Indeed, Me BUCHINGER specified in a recent press release that he prefers to proceed by "a request for acts to the investigating judge" " in order to have each of the police officers and witnesses heard, with 14 questions to ask each other, even if it means, for the investigating judge, to file a complaint afterwardse” (CF. S.Halimi: why I did not want to prosecute the police et his intervention on RADIO J on July 6, 2017)

« I am reluctant to argue, but the 2 names of my colleagues that you mentioned I do not associate them with each other. With regard to one, I cannot help thinking that there is a sort of obsequiousness in relation to the authorities in place and when one disguises his weakness and his obsequiousness with legal quibbles, I find that's not terrible.«

Sammy GHOZLAN declared to be very worried and very surprised to see that in this case we have to organize press conferences to inform the public.

There were witnesses, neighbors, the police.

She arrived 3 minutes after she was called by the neighboring Malian family, since Kobili TRAORE had passed through the latter's accommodation to access that of Sarah HALIMI.

So, succinctly:

4:22 am: call from the Malian family

4:25 a.m.: LAC arrives on scene; she receives the keys sent by the family and at the same time she declares hearing cries which she likens to Arab prayers.

4:30 am: arrival of the 2nd crew

4:48 a.m.: arrival of the 3rd crew (in the end, there were 28 law enforcement officers)***

We expect the investigation to say that it is indeed an anti-Semitic act and a terrorist act.

And we are waiting to find out what happened.

We are told that it may be the syndrome of the Theo affair, of the Shaoyo Liu affair.

But what could they fear that night of April 4, since they were in self-defense?

Me BUCHINGER had written a complaint against the police at the request of his clients, but in the meantime they withdrew. And the question is why.

Sammy GHOZLAN then specifies that he himself had written and that the response from IGAS dated June 16


“There is nothing to reproach the police services for doing their job. So there will be no investigation.

Same observation, same wishes for Meyer Habib.

I am not at all a conspirator, but I immediately saw through the facts what was going on with the anti-Semitic character of the assassination of Sarah HALIMI.

Who deplores the deafening silence of the media and the 2 weights 2 measures of politicians, " when I see the media tsunami with the Théo affair, when François Hollande rushed to Théo's bedside”

« I do not understand why the media does not seize this affair. Because indeed everything goes through the press."

“There are implausible questions that arise… Is it because of the Theo affair? 

We cannot be silent. »

“I will ask a question to the government, to the Minister of the Interior, about the functioning of the police. »



I took part this morning, alongside Maître Gilles-William Goldnadel, lawyer for the family of Sarah Halimi and Sammy Ghozlan, President of the National Office for Vigilance against Antisemitism (BNVCA), in a press conference intended to make public the latest business developments.

For the record, Sarah Halimi, doctor and nursery director was tortured, beaten and defenestrated to death because she was Jewish by her Muslim neighbor on the night of April 3 to 4, 2017 rue Vaucouleurs in the Belleville district in the heart of Paris.

Two days after the events, the victim's brother, Mr. William Attal called me and confided in me, it was a poignant testimony.

I immediately became convinced that it was an anti-Semitic murder contrary to the dominant discourse after the tragedy.

I therefore committed myself alongside the family to break this unbearable omerta, bring out the truth and obtain justice.

We must raise awareness, it is a moral imperative.

At the end of April, at my request, Maître Gilles-William Goldnadel, tenor of the bar and renowned criminal lawyer, was appointed to represent the civil party, together with Maître Buchinger, and joined by Maître David-Olivier Kaminski.

This first shock wave created a mobilization of a collective of intellectuals: on June 1, 17 intellectuals including Alain Finkielkraut, Michel Onfray or Elisabeth Badinter co-signed a forum demanding that light be shed.

Last week, at the evening of the founders of the European Center of Judaism, the Minister of the Interior Gérard Collomb, officially recognized the anti-Semitic character of the murder.

As the revelations progressed, it turned out that the police, alerted by the neighbors and present on the scene, dithered for no less than 1 hour and 10 minutes, during which Sarah Halimi z''l was tortured under the cries of Allah Akbar before being defenestrated alive.

The family therefore decided to file a complaint against the police, for “failure to assist a person in danger”.

Did Sarah Halimi die of government inaction? They, who wear the colors of our Republic, must protect everyone, more than ever, from the weapons of these radical Islamists who are poisoning our country.

The assassin, 27, of Malian origin, was known to the police services of the 11th arrondissement for his multiple convictions, and called her "dirty Jew" Sarah, who had feared him for a long time.

The assassin is interned in a psychiatric hospital when he has never had the slightest history. This "psychiatrization" of this Islamist barbarian was undoubtedly convenient during an election period, but all responsibilities will have to be brought to light and committed.

To conclude, I will quote Simone Veil who left us last Friday “silence is the frightening weight of the void that oblivion has no right to fill and that the memory of the living will always live on”.


Source: ©  Sarah Halimi or French denial© – JForum


  • [email protected]
    Posted July 11, 2017 11h59 0Likes

    I am French Catholic layman and friend of Israel.
    I experienced aggression in my house and a denial of reality by the police and justice.
    As you confirm for Sarah, it is a French crime and, the worst, “Non assistance à personne en danger.” by a police force on the spot and which does not intervene.
    I'm ashamed to be French.
    Patricia JS Cambay
    PS: For Sarah, I am one of the signatories. I am at your entire disposal if necessary.

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