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La France Insoumise (LFI) leftist party's member of parliament Francois Ruffin speaks on his mobile phone as he arrives at the French National Assembly on June 20, 2017 in Paris for the welcoming of the elected MPs following the announcement of the results of the second round of the French parliamentary elections (legislative elections in French). / AFP PHOTO / Martin BUREAU

THE POLITICAL SCAN / VIDEO – The substitute for deputy François Ruffin, Zoé Desbureaux, supported the PCF collaborator who called the Marseille terrorist a “martyr”. Jean-Luc Mélenchon dissociated himself from this position.

The controversy agitates the media sphere since the attack in Marseilles, last Sunday. Sonia Nour, collaborator of the PCF mayor of La Courneuve had this awkward comparison about the drama: “When a martyr cuts the throat of a woman and stabs another, it makes noise. Terrorism, blood, civilization bla-bla-bla… On the other hand, that patriarchal terrorism kills us every 2 days, we hear your big mouth less”. Enough to arouse strong emotion within the political class and to cause the layoff and summons to disciplinary proceedings of Sonia Nour. But the scandal is now gaining the ranks of France Insoumise, after François Ruffin's deputy, Zoé Desbureaux, of the PCF de la Somme, decided to provide public support to the author of the incriminated remarks.

"Full support for Sonia Nour who is under pressure from the fachosphere and the cassoulet left", launched Zoé Desbureaux on Twitter, triggering renewed indignation, in the ranks of LREM in particular. Quickly, government supporters unearthed another message, dated summer 2015, which feeds the accusations of "Islamo-leftist" acquaintances and anti-Semitism, carried in particular by Manuel Valls: "When hundreds of Jews come to settle in your vacation spot for two weeks and your brother's only sweatshirt is 'boycott Israel'", wrote Zoé Desbureaux.

Mélenchon strikes back

Wednesday, in the National Assembly, the boss of the deputies of the majority Richard Ferrand took Jean-Luc Mélenchon to task, not considering “it is not possible that President Mélenchon does not have a public expression to say whether he approves or disapproves of the statements of the deputy LFI of the Somme, “which trivialize what happened in Marseille”.

The responses, both from François Ruffin and Jean-Luc Mélenchon, were not long in coming. "I discover the tweets of my substitute Zoé Desbureaux and Sonia Nour. I can only state the obvious: first, my obvious solidarity with the families of the victims of these attacks. Then, my disapproval of any statement that euphemizes terrorist violence. And of course, such a psychopath is in no way a “martyr”. It is, to say the least, a very clumsy way of defending the cause of women. I therefore do not associate myself with these messages in any way, and I find it rather poor that people try to associate me with them. However, there is no justification for my substitute to suffer death threats and other insults today, ”wrote François Ruffin first, to distance himself from the subject.

“The level is not rising at the moment”, for his part lamented on Facebook Jean-Luc Mélenchon, before making things clear. “I reply to Monsieur Ferrand that I have always condemned murder in all circumstances. That I have always condemned murderers and terrorist acts. That I have always condemned political Islamism. I condemn any ambiguity on the subject whatever the intentions or the pretexts”, he answers on the merits. And for the form, the former senator chooses the counter-attack: "The offensive arrest of President Ferrand cannot erase the infamy of his refusal by his personal vote to chastise Lafarge for his complicity with Daesh, nor his refusal to investigate Qatar's ties to the terrorist groups that murdered our compatriots. I ask President Ferrand to condemn financial complicity with Daesh. I also ask him to condemn the murders in Marseilles, which he has still not done personally”.


Source: ©  Le Figaro Premium – The Marseille terrorist qualified as a “martyr”: the controversy reaches Ruffin and Mélenchon

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