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Pro-Palestinian demonstration in Paris, April 2017. SIPA.

Thanks to Bild the film will be online on ARD


Conversationalist was the first French media to inform the public ofa deliberate act of censorship operated by the management of the Franco-German channel Art of a documentary titled “A chosen and set apart people, anti-Semitism in Europe” directed by filmmakers Joachim Schröder and Sophia Hafner. This documentary, co-produced and financed by Art and the German public channel WDR, was deemed too pro-Israel and politically incorrect because it relentlessly exposed the new anti-Semitism at work in the Arab-Muslim world, the Middle East, Germany and France.

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This act of censorship created strong emotions on both sides of the Rhine, where major media, such as Le Monde, Frankfurter Allegemeine Newspaper and many regional newspapers are offended by this arbitrary decision, for which the French director of programs, Alain le Diberder, is the main responsible.

The most widely circulated German newspaper Picture newspaper (three million copies daily) has decided to put this film for 24 hours on his website, disregarding the broadcasting rights held by Art. BILD can afford this departure from the legislation on audiovisual rights, because it has the financial base allowing it to face the lawsuits thatArt will not fail to engage against him…

To lock the omerta in France on this film, Art refused to establish a French version, as is usually the case for all productions provided by the German pole of the chain. Conversationalist offers you exclusively the French script of this documentary, which will allow non-German speakers to follow it on the site of BILD.

The German public television channel ARD announced last Friday that it would broadcast next week the controversial documentary on anti-Semitism in Europe that the Franco-German channel Arte had refused to show, deeming it irrelevant. "La Première (ARD, editor's note) will broadcast next Wednesday (at 20:15 p.m. GMT, editor's note) the documentary produced for Arte + The new faces of anti-Semitism +", explains in a press release ARD, including one of the channels of its network of local television, WDR, had ordered the film and had also given up showing it.



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