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VIDEO – Sarah Halimi was killed because she was Jewish!

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INQUIRY – On April 4, in Paris, Sarah Halimi, 65, died under the blows of her own neighbor. Since then, the Jewish community has denounced an anti-Semitic murder. Problem: the suspect, repeat offender, was interned and still could not be heard by the investigators. TF20 1 p.m. takes stock of this dark affair.

Sarah Halimi, killed for her confession? For those close to him, there is no doubt that it was indeed anti-Semitic motivations that pushed the killer to the terrible gesture. On April 4, in Paris, this 65-year-old Jewish woman was indeed beaten up and then thrown out of a window by her own neighbor. The latter would have acted by shouting “Allah akbar”.

An investigation has since been opened for “forcible confinement and intentional homicide”. Very quickly, the Jewish community denounced the anti-Semitic nature of this murder. But since his arrest, Kobili Traoré, the suspect, a repeat offender, has been interned in psychiatry. He was not heard by investigators. One certainty: the day before, he spent time in a mosque known to be frequented by Salafists. Today, the results of the psychiatric expertise are long overdue.


  • Wajnberg
    Posted June 29, 2017 17h20 0Likes

    TF1 in its comment minimizes the time of torture of this poor SARAH it is not “a few minutes” that she was tortured but an hour!!!!!
    Clearly, we never have faultless comments on anti-Semitism.

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