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On Monday, Emmanuel Macron, in the middle of a communication exercise, tackled a journalist who questioned him about his communication. © Élodie Grégoire for Le Point

Twice, Emmanuel Macron used a rhetorical trick where only he knows what the interest of the country is and whoever disputes it is a bad Frenchman.

Source: ©Viktorovitch – The disturbing speech of Emmanuel Macron – Le Point


  • And if.....
    Posted September 9, 2017 15h28 0Likes

    They elected him! Let them assume! POOR FRANCE IN RUIN!

  • Patricia JS Cambay
    Posted September 9, 2017 21h52 0Likes

    He is there to squeeze French, his real estate assets, his savings, etc. Anything that can bring money into the coffers of banks.
    We are bankrupt and we put it in place to reduce our debt.
    Point bar!
    Everything else is just literature.
    If only we could do, as at one time the USA did, ie “wipe out” our 2.200 billion debt and start over, that would be great!
    But not only are we not the USA but we are not even France anymore.
    Come what may…..

  • Morier.
    Posted September 11, 2017 17h37 0Likes

    Great little article.

  • Louis GOYARD
    Posted September 11, 2017 22h30 0Likes

    Beautiful the jubilee, since 2000, we have destroyed FRANCE, killed diligent breeders with ridiculous and unjustified slaughter of healthy livestock which only have their eyes to cry, trained unemployed people while there is a lack of agents in high schools ,who work hard and are morally and physically tired, but no one talks about it. Work more to earn less. In this system, the social debt will only increase. We will always pay the piper for one or the other. Long live FRANCE. But where is our good General DE GAULLE who had straightened our beautiful FRANCE.

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