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Viva Mexico

Mexico has always been a place of contrasts, a country where the incredible is everyday. Mexican cinema is now experiencing an effervescent creativity driven by a new generation of directors who depict singular and fascinating universes.

If several Mexican film festivals meet a large international audience, VIVA MEXICO, cinematographic encounters offers for the first time in France, meetings exclusively dedicated to contemporary Mexican creation. More than a festival, VIVA MEXICO, cinematographic encounters goes out to meet the public by offering them the opportunity to discover the best of the latest Mexican productions through screenings, meetings with actors and directors, masterclasses, workshops, etc.

Under the general direction of Barbara Carroll De Obeso and the participation of more than 50 volunteers, the selection of films is built on solid artistic choices, developed in collaboration with Jean-Christophe Berjon, former general delegate of Critics' Week at the Cannes Film Festival. This selection will present a dozen films reflecting both the diversity of the latest Mexican creations and the different facets of Mexico today.

Organized by the InC France-Mexico association, the VIVA MEXICO film meetings are a colorful and festive event, conducive to conviviality and cultural discovery.

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